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3501 W. 45th St., Ste. T

Amarillo, TX 79109

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Raised in Perryton, TX,  Jeff Williams is a native of the Texas Panhandle. He is a musician, an artist, and a local businessman. He is the owner, doctor, and operator of Amarillo Pain & Accident Chiropractic Clinic and Creek Stone Integrated Care in Amarillo, TX.

Jerry Williams is Jeff’s father. Jerry was raised in the Texas Panhandle as well and has been in the education field his entire life. He’s been a math and calculus teacher as well as principal and superintendent. His profession has taken him all over the state of Texas. He currently resides in Calvert, TX. He is also an all around artist having painted, sculpted, and played music most of his life. Jeff will be the first to admit that there is no doubt where he gets his artistic talent.

Meg Williams is crafting hand cut, natural wood furniture. The wood is cut here locally in Amarillo, TX and finished and assembled by Meg personally. In her “real” job, Meg is a grant director for Tobacco Free Amarillo.

Meg and Jeff are both originally from Perryton, TX and have been married since 1996.